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Wherever you're located in the world,

Your children has been enrolled in French School or international school for many year, and for many reasons you have now to remove them from the bilingual curriculum they followed until now. 

You are now worry about their bilingualism :

"How long will it last without an appropriate surrounding or appropriate program ?"

"My children's level in french is so much higher than what an American school can propose." 

"Foreign language can be lost so quickly when it is no longer practiced."


Is it closed to your actual thoughts ?


In French, History-Geography, Mathematics ; in classroom*, online, or at home* ; in groups or in individual classes for greater flexibility... 

Allowing your children to continue their French curriculum, even in the absence of a local French school, or beyond the maximum level proposed by the local French school, it is now possible...

And in the strict compliance with the expectations and programs defined by the French Ministry of Education.

From everywhere you are with our service« CNED Assistance & Classes » !

The "CNED Assistance & Classes" online service, away from the classical Skype classes, provides students with real classes, delivered directly by teachers of the French Ministry of Education.

It uses an innovative Internet platform adapted to school objectives, and offering the same levels of participation and interaction between teachers and students than in classroom or in private home tutoring.
From first to 12th grade, on the form of extracurricular activities, in group* (max. 10 pupils), or in private tutoring** for a greater flexibility of time, you obtain according to the program followed, a full official validation of the LEVEL FOLLOW-UP (CP - CE1 - CE2 - CM1 - CM2 - Sixième  - Cinquième - Quatrième - Troisième - Second - Première - Terminale) with, at the end of the curriculum, an official school certificate.

* in classroom or Online - ** online version available

Online class, free demonstration on demand :

2017/2018 : Groups opened* 

- 1st/2nd Grade : French/HG/Maths/
- 3rd Grade : French/HG/Maths/
- 4th Grade : French/HG/Maths/
- 5th Grade : French/HG/Maths/

- 6th Grade : French/HG/Maths/German/Spanish
- 7th Grade : French/HG/Maths/German/Spanish

- 8th Grade : French/HG/Maths/German/Spanish
- 9th Grade : French/HG/Maths/German/Spanish

- 10th Grade : French/HG/SES/Maths/German /Spanish

- 11th Grade S : Maths/Physique/ SVT/French/HG/German /Spanish

- 11th Grade ES : Maths/SES/French/HG/German /Spanish

* Group starts with at least 2 studenrts enrolled in same level and same subject.

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